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The Kapil Sharma Show 6th February 2022

Film Feb 06

The Kapil Sharma Show

Watch Video The Kapil Sharma Show 6th February 2022 Hindi Drama The Latest Episode 48

A stand-up comedy and talk show broadcast by Sony Entertainment Television in Hindi, The Kapil Sharma Show features Kapil Sharma as a comedian and talk show host. The premiere of the show’s first season was on 23 April 2016 and was hosted by Kapil Sharma. Kapil Sharma and his neighbours in Shantivan Non-Cooperative Housing Society were the focus of the series. During the second season of the show, Salman Khan Television is jointly producing the show with Banijay Asia and Banijay Asia, with K9 Films and TEAM (Triyambh Entertainment & Media) as the creative producers. The show is currently filming at Mumbai’s Film City.  

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